Body of Lewiston man wanted for sexually assaulting a child found by hunter


LEWISTON — A Lewiston man wanted on charges of sexually assaulting a child has been found dead in the woods by a hunter, according to Lewiston police.

Kevin C. Mitchell, 45, was found Nov. 1 in Rockport, Lt. David St. Pierre said in a news release. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has confirmed that it was Mitchell.

Mitchell had faced four counts of gross sexual assault and three counts of unlawful sexual contact. Police said the assaults took place from December 2016 to April of this year. The victim was under age 12.

In May, Mitchell was listed as a missing person after his car was found in Union, near Rockport. He lived in Lewiston but had ties to that area, according to police.


Kevin Mitchell (Photo courtesy of Lewiston Police Department)

  • Admiral T. Stanley Smith

    At least he wont molest anymore kids and the tax payers wont be on the hook, sounds like a win/win situation.

    • Big Love

      damn shame, isnt it?

      • Admiral T. Stanley Smith

        Nope, karma got this guy for being an indecent human being, but now we’re waiting to find out how.

        • Ronda Carbonneau

          There were warrants. There had been no trial. Shame on the news paper for sensationalizing a tragedy. And everyone who is judging this situation better hope karma doesn’t ever put them in a similar situation.

  • MarjorieRa Grover

    If you cannot say anything nice do not say anything.You probably have no proof or maybe not even know him. So leave it all out of the newspapers and let the family grieve without all the pubicity. The article that was put in the Sun Journal should never been put in there.