Lewiston police respond to road rage incident


LEWISTON — Police responded to a road rage incident at 2:47 p.m. Monday when a driver reported someone pointed a gun at him in traffic, according to Lewiston police Lt. Dave St. Pierre. 

The incident occurred on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge, and the driver with the gun was found by Lewiston Police on Montello Street, near College Street. 

The driver was armed, St. Pierre said. 

The caller decided not to press charges, though.

“There’s no victim and no crime, basically,” St. Pierre said.

He said that would change if the caller decided to pursue charges later. 


  • MaineCWP

    Must be more to the story. As reported in the Sun Journal a crime was committed.

  • FrankE

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t showing a gun(threatening), in itself a crime? I carry a weapon, and I know that using it as a deterrent in a traffic problem isn’t within the law. What would the consequences have been if this guy pulled his gun on me, and I returned the favor, only I will protect myself? You don’t draw your weapon unless your ready to use it. As a retired trucker and having been driving cars since the dark ages, I can’t think of a reason to pull a gun at another driver. Isn’t pointing a gun at someone criminal threatening.
    I just feel that we have an awesome responsibility, the privilege to carry, we also need to deal harshly with these yahoos that give responsible gun owners a black eye…………..

  • John B.

    I would press charges for sure.