Lewiston road crews ask for help after storm


LEWISTON — City crews say they’re getting ready for a different problem if the expected warmer forecast pans out: runoff.

Friday’s forecast is calling for rain on top of temperatures in the mid 40s.

“It’s only supposed to be a third of an inch, but coupled with the snow we’ve already received and warmer temperatures, it could mean a good bit of melting,” said David Jones, Lewiston’s public works director.

“The problem we have now is that the streets are full of snowbanks creeping out into the streets. A lot of those are covering the catch basins. If the grates on those basins get clogged up with snow or ice, we end up with street flooding,” he said.

Jones said city crews are going to problem areas Thursday and Friday, making sure storm drains and catch basins are open and unclogged by snow.

“But we know we can’t get to all of them,” Jones said. “We’re encouraging folks, if they have one near their home or where they work and they can take a few minutes to clear it off, it just helps everyone.”

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