Lewiston High School closed Wednesday because of threat


LEWISTON — Lewiston High School will be closed Wednesday because of a threat of a shooting.

Superintendent Bill Webster sent a tweet late Tuesday after informing administrators and staff of the decision.

“Tonight a student mentioned a threat to the safety of LHS students through a widely disseminated social media post,” Webster wrote.

“The student is in custody, and the threat is thought to be false, but as a precaution we are canceling school at LHS and (Lewiston Regional Technical Center) tomorrow.

“More information will be forthcoming tomorrow morning about the alleged threat and whether or not after-school and evening activities will take place,” Webster said.

Webster said that students in particular need to understand how seriously schools take these types of threats. 


He said students need to be aware of the consequences of their actions. 

“This is costing thousands of dollars, not just to Lewiston but the other towns whose students use our LRTC programs,” Webster said.  “We take this very seriously and intend to seek charges against this student.”

He said that the students’ safety is paramount. 

A screen shot of the threat forwarded to Lewiston school officials late Tuesday that forced the cancellation of school at Lewiston High School and Lewiston Regional Technical Center.

  • Brandy Bowen

    So…WHY did the kid want to take the gun to school…is he being bullied?? I mean this is Lewiston…maybe u should find out WHY he felt threatened instead of condemning him, thereby taking the other kids’ side…

    • Robert Hutter

      That is clearly not the case here. This is a clear threat and needs to be prosecuted. This is a BULLY, not someone bullied. This is a terroristic threat that was received and dealt with appropriately. The Lewiston Police Department has done an amazing job keeping our kids and our streets safe. This students parents should have done the same.

      • Brandy Bowen

        The L/A PD do nothing…I know from personal experience with them…or are u from South Lewiston?? Lol…

    • Lena Prince

      bullied or not, no one has the right to threaten other people like that!!!

    • Pirate2

      The reason behind the kid wanting to take a gun to school is immaterial. The fact that a gun is being taken to school is of paramount concern. Whys don’t solve problems; actions do.