Lewiston student athletes suspended after attending Lisbon party


LEWISTON — The Lewiston School Department has disciplined student athletes who attended a drinking party in Lisbon over the weekend, Superintendent Bill Webster said Tuesday.

“We’re hard and fast on this,” Webster said. “If a student is on a team, even if they’re slated to go to a state tournament or championship or a meet, if they’ve violated the contract, they cannot compete.”

The party came to light after some students posted photos on social media.

One parent said students from Lisbon, Auburn, Lewiston and Sabattus attended, that alcohol was consumed and up to 80 students attended. Another parent said the party was intended to be an alcohol-free event for 30 students, but word got out and some people brought alcohol.

Auburn Superintendent Katy Grondin said no athletes at Edward Little High School had been disciplined. “We are not aware of any of our athletes attending the party,” she said.

The party was held Saturday night at the home of a Lewiston student who recently moved to Lisbon, according to parents of student athletes.

Student athletes, and others who represent the school through activities, sign contracts pledging not to participate in parties where alcohol or drugs are involved, Webster said.

He declined to say how many students had been disciplined or which sports were involved.

Lisbon police Chief David Brooks said Tuesday that he was not aware of any big party in his town. “It was nothing that we responded to.”

Webster said the incident was a reminder that parents need to know where their children are. “They may be 17 or 18, but they’re still your children.”

Editor’s note: On Wednesday, the Lisbon School Department issued a statement that its investigation found no Lisbon students attended the party.