Lewiston wins with Ben Chin


Ben Chin has a vision and plan to move Lewiston forward, to rid Lewiston of a negative image, and to begin to attract businesses, the arts and younger residents to this community. It is about time.

For too long, Lewiston officials have taken a “we can’t” approach to improving the city that has negatively impacted everyone here. When you frequently say “we can’t,” you believe it.

There has been an “enough is enough” approach for the past four years and it has resulted in continued tax increases, no significant attraction to new business and a bad image. More was done to focus on problems than to present and implement possible solutions.

Chin says, “we can, and will.”

Lewiston residents deserve this chance to improve the community. I welcome Ben Chin’s enthusiasm and commitment to make a difference that benefits all residents. Lewiston deserves and needs better direction and leadership.

Stephen MacDougall, Lewiston