LHS Class of 1952, Yarn & Costume Jewelry, Smooth Commute


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Please help Lewiston High School 1952 Committee locate these classmates. We have been unable to locate: Sanford Adams, Jane Baker Davidson, Mugette Beaule Plourde, Rita Bolduc Jean, Raymond Bosse, Theoline Bouchard Croteau, Doris Bouchard Charest, Judith Butler, Wilda Caron Guerette, Richard Condon, Laurent Cote, Yolande Daigle Arsennault, Cleo Day Blanchard, Cecile Gagnon L’Heureaux, Georgette Ginchereau Helen Harkins O’Brien, Nancy Houghton Bolhen, Delores Langlais Levesque, Laurel Leavitt Betts, Lorraine Metayer Bellavance, Arthur Poirier, Norman Roux, Constance Sands Mazzone, Noella Soucy, Lucienne Thibeault Maillet and Rita Cote Roy. Please call Terri Soucy Samson at 241-0959. Thank you!

— Terri, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My mom was an avid knitter and admitted “yarn snob.” I inherited her vast supply of needles, gauges and accessories as well as a large amount of yarn, patterns and even full kits. Knitting was an activity we did together, but I am not motivated to continue. I would like to donate these items to an organization, facility, or group that would put them to good use. She also had many pieces of costume jewelry, including several holiday-related and whimsical pins that I would like to donate. Suggestions from you and your readers are most welcome! Thanks so much!

— No name, Minot

ANSWER: Perhaps these items could be donated to a local church or nonprofit to be sold at one of the many fundraising holiday fairs that are taking place over the next several weeks. Schools, assisted living facilities, and youth programs may also be interested in putting these items to good use.

As far as the costume jewelry goes, perhaps a local theater group could use it. I have also seen pins cleverly displayed on stuffed animals and throw pillows, and used as curtain tie-backs. Readers, sing out if you know of a certain someone who could use these treasures.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is Country Kitchen done baking their rye bread with seeds? It was my favorite bread.

— Theresa, Lewiston

ANSWER: I really like that bread too! I called Lepage Bakeries and was told your favorite seeded rye bread can be found at the Auburn Hannaford, 95 Spring St. If you want to call ahead to make sure they have it in stock, their number is 784-6497.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We would like to recognize the Auburn Police officer who directs traffic at Auburn Middle School. As daily commuters to Lewiston, we travel Court Street. Our departure from home has to be timed perfectly to avoid heavy traffic and/or the train at the bottom of Goff Hill.

The officer is always there early and controls the movement of buses, students, and vehicles effortlessly (no second-guessing of what he intends). No matter what time, the flow seems to run smoothly. Even if there happens to be a backup, it quickly clears up and everyone is on their way. Many thanks for a job well done!

— Dee and Carol, Auburn

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