Liberals living in a fantasy world


It never ceases to amaze me the fantasy world many of Maine’s liberal socialists live in.

I don’t believe for a minute that Democrats put people first. It seems that their goal is to have the government control everything, with a few socialists at the top giving the little people what they think we should have.

Democrats have never been a party of fiscal responsibility; they have always had the reputation as the tax and spend party, as is demonstrated by Maine’s ranking as No. 1 in taxes in the country.

Democrats have controlled the state of Maine for over 30 years, and the state has sunk deeper and deeper in debt, with one socialist program after another placed on the shoulders of the working middle class.

Contrary to Ms. Mary Roussel’s letter (April 5), the only thing Maine leads in is high taxes and low paying jobs. Maine is one of the least affordable states to do business in.

Businesses leave the state every year due to the excess taxes and layer upon layer of excess regulations, hence the exit of Maine’s youth to find good paying jobs.

The Republicans’ vision for Maine is to live within our means. I know this is a shocking proposal for the socialists: imagine a state where businesses thrive and jobs come back.

The Democrats do have one peculiar habit that I still don’t quite understand: They seem to believe that if they tell the same lie often enough, it will become the truth.

Jim Walker, Auburn