Licenses too easily obtained


Recently I came upon a news report from a Maine television station that revealed nonresidents can acquire Maine motor vehicle driver’s licenses.

It seems that this is a national security issue. Illegal aliens are being brought to Maine to acquire a driver’s license because they need no proof of residency, the report stated. Driver’s licenses are used as official identification documents, which could be misused by a potential terrorist. Hopefully the Maine Legislature will close this obvious breach in the security of America.

Until then, Gov. John Baldacci must do everything within his executive powers to temporarily suspend such activity until this issue can be resolved.

Currently, the state has been operating under an executive order that no state employee can ask anyone of their immigration status. The governor should immediately revoke the order that makes Maine a sanctuary state where state officials can’t even ask if the person is here legally. The governor needs to realize this is not a political or tourism issue. People should not be able to acquire critical ID documentation without officials asking where the person came from and what are they doing here.

Let’s not forget what happened on 9/11. Sadly, some of the terrorists originated their terrible mission from Maine. Who knows what documentation and IDs they had with them.

Bob Joyce, Poland Spring