How do you like the changes?


Few people really knew what President Barack Obama meant when he repeated, over and over, that “change” was coming. Now we know.

It means debt that we can never repay; nor will our children, grandchildren or the unborn. Disgusting.

The president and his liberal friends now control many of the large companies in the auto industry, the banking industry, etc. If the U.S. is not yet a socialist country, then surely, it is on the way.

Voters must “throw the bums out,” and that means liberal democrats, both in Washington, D.C., and in Maine.

A recent article by Steve Forbes mentioned that this year the federal government will have to borrow 50 cents for every dollar it will spend. And Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Maine’s representatives are just beginning. Scary.

Another issue. I am a charter member of Citizens Against Government Waste. In its most recent letter, it was mentioned that the IRS is reportedly adding 16,500 new agents to enforce Obamacare. They will work to ensure that every American has health insurance or pays a penalty. (Is that what liberal politicians mean when they talk about creating jobs?)

In Massachusetts, the state can withhold people’s tax refunds unless they prove they have health insurance.

Under Obamacare, if you fail to prove to the IRS’s satisfaction that you are insured, you will face a federal fine of as much as $2,250.

Marcel R. Morin, Auburn