Lisbon High School


LISBON FALLS – The Lisbon High School third-quarter honor roll has been announced.

High honors

Grade 12: Candice Avery, Soleil Mathieu, Kayla Pelletier.

Grade 11: Kelsey LeGloahec.

Grade 10: Maeghan Pelletier.

Grade nine: Megan Samson.


Grade 12: Rebecka Beal, Kaleb Boucher, Angelica Estes, Rachelle Henry, Emily Law, Catilyn Metzger, Ryan Morrison, Vickery Rendall.

Grade 11: Ashley Brewer, Anna Caron, Matthew Chasse, Nichole Crowley, Benjamin Dubuc, Charity Garland, Brittany Guay, Jeff Mercer, Heather Piela, Danielle Shorey, Courtney Stewart, Zachery Thomas, Colleen Weddle, Andrea Wrede.

Grade 10: Eric Case, Aaron Fitzgerald, Kate Heckethorn, Kristen Leitzell, Christy McAuliffe, Kyle Neagle.

Grade nine: Kelly Bourgoin, Leah Brooks, Cameron Bubar, Brian Craig, Kathryn Fitzgerald, Laura Giraldo, Sierra Guay, Mathew Hardison, Devon Hinckley, Nicholas Jones, Kerstin Fairbanks, Michaela LaPlante, Brooke Merritt, Erik Metzger, Jennifer Morin, Kaila Morse, Stevanie Roy, Nicholas Runyon, Stephanie Smith, Joshua Ward.

At an assembly held at Lisbon High School, the following were announced as receiving recognition as Students of the Month.

Seniors: Emily Law, daughter of William and Elaine Law of Lisbon.

Juniors: Zach Thomas, son of Lawrence and Diane Thomas of Lisbon Falls.

Sophomores: Barbara Martin, daughter of Dean and Jamey Martin of Lisbon Falls.

Freshmen: Devon Hinckley, son of Scott Hinckley of Lisbon Falls.

Awards presented to those selected as a Student of the Month include a plaque sponsored by the Lisbon Rotary Club, dinner at Graziano’s, their picture placed in the cafeteria, free library pass for the month, free video rental of their choice at Movieland, a Student of the Month bumper sticker and a gift certificate to the school store.