Lisbon Street work slows


LEWISTON – Lisbon Street will remain closed through this week as demolition crews work to clear the last debris from four buildings ruined by fire.

“There is a lot of work going on at the site; it’s just not going as well as they’d like,” said Deputy City Administrator Phil Nadeau.

Power to neighboring buildings was interrupted for less than an hour Monday when debris from the building hit a power pole, Nadeau said.

Crews from Costello Dismantling Company Inc. began tearing down the New England Furniture Building Friday. It’s one of four damaged by a Dec. 20 fire.

Crews began dismantling its neighbors, the Kora, Cressey and Greely buildings, two days before Christmas.

Lisbon Street has been closed between Pine and Ash streets since the fire, and will stay that way until Friday at the earliest.

Costello’s workers began removing the metal facade from the front of the New England Furniture Building on Thursday after a two-day delay. High winds stopped crews one day, and equipment problems hindered them on another day.

Work continued on Friday, with heavy equipment pulling the walls down.

Nadeau said Monday’s rain helped the process by keeping dust down at the site. Work continued to move slowly, however.

“I don’t believe there is any problem,” Nadeau said. “They just need more time to get the site cleared than they originally thought. We’ll revisit the site Friday and see where we stand.”