Lisbon water supply


Gerald Samson’s letter (May 5) contained many misleading statements, which have certainly raised questions from local residents. Unfortunately, there are many hidden agendas and almost anything can be published, even if the information lacks solid facts.

To set the record straight — any and all work done at the new proposed park in Lisbon is being constructed expecting the new wellhead protection to be in place shortly.

Samson has been notified by phone that we are not a developer, but a local contractor trying to expand business in Lisbon. All requirements have been met, including those forthcoming.

We’ve spent the last several months cleaning years of trash and debris from this parcel and filling in areas that did not meet the new requirements, even prior to the new wellhead guidelines. Our efforts to date have actually improved the land and protection of the water source.

More care in the future should be taken with hard facts.

From my observations, people can be assured that the Water Department, Town Council, economic developer and town officials all have the best interests of the town of Lisbon in mind.

Scott Kelly, Lisbon Falls