Little Superheroes make high school senior project a success


HARRISON — The new children’s “Superhero Half-Mile Dash” brought out many little Superheroes from area towns on July 9. The race funds went to the children’s programs that Parks and Recreation Director Paula Holt offers. The event helped to introduce running at a young age and was a manageable length for the kids to feel successful.

There were 39 little superhero racers ranging from age 2 to 10. All the kids dressed up as their favorite superhero. The first 25 registered received a superhero T-shirt, and after they completed their half-mile mission, each superhero received a homemade superhero cookie and a mini-water bottle. All superheroes received a hand-crafted medal of honor for participating and had sliced-up fruits.

The dash ended with the awarding of a home-made reversible cape for the fastest male and female superhero in each age group. They also had a superhero picture taken.

Fastest superheroes from each age group:

Age 2-3: Fastest Superhero Boy, Landon Mayhan, 3, Naples, with a time of 6:37.

Age 4-5: Fastest Superhero Girl, Cameron Mayhan, 5, Naples, with a time of 5:25; Fastest Superhero Boy, Ezra Tsapis, 5, Harrison, with a time of 5:37.

Age 6-7: Fastest Superhero Girl, Jane Leonard, 7, Harrison, with a time of 4:39; Fastest Superhero Boy, Miles Stafford, 6, Harrison, with a time of 4:30.

Age 8-10: Fastest Superhero Girl, Quintessa DiBiase, 9, Harrison, with a time of 4:49; Fastest Superhero Boy, Mason Stafford, 9, Harrison, with a time of 4:20.

Top Overall Female: Jane Leonard, 7, Harrison, with a time of 4:39.

Top Overall Male: Mason Stafford, 9, Harrison, with a time of 4:20.

“Hobbyist” Photographer Brewster Burns, a teacher from OHCHS, captured the little superheroes as they dashed through the streets of downtown Harrison. The photos are now up and ready a:

Miranda Murphy organized the Superhero Half-Mile Dash for her senior project.

Volunteers included Julie, Jeffrey and McKinley Murphy, Paula Holt, Deborah Menezes, Cameron Shaw, Jade Morin, Savannah Morin, Gillian and Kathy McClellan, Di DiBaise and Amy Peet.

Assistant Fire Chief Jeffrey Murphy organized traffic control, and Al Lisowski, town employee and Harrison Fire Department volunteer, blocked off the starting line/area.

Jo Surette, Harrison, led the dash in her red convertible. Ann Macro, Harrison, made a donation, and Jamie Hudson, Harrison, made the reversible superhero capes.