Little Theatre in the Woods presents ‘A Funny Thing’


“A Funny Thing” has enjoyed several Broadway and West End revivals and was made into a successful film starring the original lead of the musical, Zero Mostel. The cast also includes Karissa Panzino as Hysterium, Kayla Gayton as Philia, Patrick Caskin as Senex, Joe McGeoghegan as Lycus, Megan Rodrigue as Domina, Tyler Turcotte as Erronius and Hayden Rodrigue as Miles Gloriosus. Dancers include Cassidy Stevens, Emma Weissenfels, Cassie Lovell, Kaitlyn Doyle, Samantha Campbell and Sabrina Gauthier. The guards (proteans) are played by Ryan Labossiere, Mikayla Black and Anthony Pushard. The play is directed by Lucy Rioux, assisted by Laura Eldridge and with musical direction by John Neal. The crew includes Carina Weed, Nic Ward, Katelyn Cloutier, Jacob Kupfer and Sarah Carpenter. For more information, call 207-441-3210 or email [email protected]