Livermore board expands vehicle services


LIVERMORE — Residents will soon be able to take advantage of two new services relating to motor vehicles.

The select board voted Monday evening to offer Rapid Renewal vehicle registrations through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The board discussed the program two weeks ago. At that time, selectperson Megan Dion said it would be a good service for those out of state or in the military.

The online service would cost the town $250 for the TRIO software program and $150 annually to maintain it. The town would lose the $3 registration fees from vehicles registered with the online system.

Treasurer Amy Byron said, “We’d lose some money but could make it up by employees working on other projects.”

The board was told town employees would need training to familiarize themselves with the software. Byron said money for the software wasn’t included in this year’s budget.

Byron said refunds from the Moses program could be used to cover the costs. The refund comes from the town paying for but not using that portion of TRIO.

The board at the time tabled the discussion. Board members wanted more information about the speed of excise tax reimbursement from the state. They also needed other details on how the program worked.

Treasurer Amy Byron contacted some town officials who use the system. A Jay official told her reimbursement was very quick and even faster than credit card payments. The board on Monday unanimously voted to purchase software for the Rapid Renewal program.

Another new service being offered is for the purchase of transit plates. These plates are needed to move a vehicle from one place to another prior to registration. The plates are sometimes used to get an inspection done before the vehicle can be registered. Town clerk Renda J. Guild said, “There is a greater need than in the past.”

Guild said there are guidelines to go by and stipulations that must be followed. Proof of insurance, the VIN, timeframe and point of destination are some of the information that must be provided. The fee is $12 or $25 depending on where the vehicle will be taken.

Guild said town employees are getting a good feeling from residents who have used the service.

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