Livermore Falls investigating why Christmas lights not working


LIVERMORE FALLS — Town Manager Kristal Flagg told selectmen Tuesday that the Christmas lights on the wreaths are not working again.

Flagg said new fuses were put on the wreaths last year.

“It think it is time to have a discussion on getting something new,” she said. “The wreaths are not working.”

She said she believes one or two wreaths do light up.

The wreaths formerly belonged to the Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Firefighters Nixon Ortiz and Bobby Cummins braved the cold Sunday to put up decorations throughout the downtown area. Resident Richard Korhonen said they should be commended for doing the work.


Flagg thanked the men, who were not at the meeting.

Fire Chief Tim “TD” Hardy, who also was not in attendance, said Thursday he pays them by the hour to put the decorations up.

Years ago, the chamber used to make a donation to the Livermore Falls Firefighters’ Association to put the Christmas decorations up on the poles. 

Flagg told the board if they get any calls on the decorations not working to tell them they know about it and are investigating the cause.

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