Livermore man charged after another dog attack


LIVERMORE – A man accused in connection with his pit bulls’ attack on a neighbor’s goats last November was issued a summons over the weekend when a woman visiting his house was bitten by another pit bull.

Peter Drown, 40, of Livermore was charged Saturday with keeping a dangerous dog after Claire Grover of Livermore was bitten on the leg Friday while she was in his house.

He said Monday that the incident was not his fault or the dog’s. The 20-odd pound pit bull named Kira was being protective of the eight puppies she gave birth to a few weeks ago, he said.

“She had entered the house uninvited,” Drown said. “She came in the house, and the dog nipped her in the back of the leg – that’s it.”

Grover sees it differently. At Drown’s house to help drop off a dog, she was invited in by a relative of hers and then bitten hard on the back of her right thigh.

If the dog was in an overprotective mood as a result of having pups, why hadn’t Drown put her in a room with the door shut, to prevent people from getting bitten, she wondered.

The bite drew blood, and she was treated at the hospital, but is still in pain, she said.

“There’s a pretty good puncture wound close to the side of my leg. It’s on the verge of infection,” she said. “It throbs wicked. It throbs real bad.”

Drown has faced three other charges in cases relating to his animals in a little over a year. Most notably, two of his pit bulls were shot and killed after killing two of neighbor Tammy Sanborn’s goats in the family barn last November, officials said. A number of the family’s other show goats were mauled and miscarried, Sanborn said.

Drown pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Lewiston District Court to charges of being the owner of dogs that run loose and injure or kill livestock. His trial is set for the spring.

He said outside the courtroom last week that the Sanborns, whose Botka Hill Road property is near his Goding Road home, don’t take proper care of their animals. “She murdered both them dogs,” he said of the shooting.

Since Grover is friends with Sanborn, Drown said, he wonders if Grover barged into his house on purpose.

“They came right in, and they just flew into the house,” he said. “I believe they were just trying to get attention.”

Animal Control Officer Wayne Atwood said the two situations aren’t the same.

“This dog here wasn’t loose – it was in the house,” he said. “It’s a different issue all together.”

But Sanborn feels differently. “Peter says he wants to keep the neighborhood safe. The dogs aren’t even safe in his own home,” she said.