Livermore scholarship aplications available


LIVERMORE – The town of Livermore will again award its annual $1,000 Pollard Scholarship to a Livermore student pursuing higher education.

Livermore began awarding the scholarship in 1980 following the opening of a half-century box containing papers showing that Augustus Pollard had set aside funds, with instructions that the interest be used each year to help a Livermore student with his or her higher education.

To be eligible, the applicant must:

1. Provide a statement explaining why he or she wants the scholarship.

2. Demonstrate that he or she has been a Livermore resident for at least five years.

3. Provide proof, usually a transcript, showing that he or she has successfully completed at least one grade level or unit at a post-secondary school, college or university.

Applications are available at the Livermore Town Office and must be returned no later than Friday, Aug. 10.

A committee consisting of the five selectmen, a member of the SAD 36 board and a resident-at-large will screen the applications during their annual meeting on Monday, Aug. 13. A random drawing from the pool of qualified applicants will follow.

To be fair to all applicants, prior scholarship recipients must wait a full year after winning before reapplying.