Livermore taxes expected to drop


LIVERMORE – Taxpayers can expect a reduction in property taxes in the 2006-07 fiscal year.

Administrative Assistant Kurt Schaub advised selectmen Monday night that the Budget Committee has offered a budget of $2.57 million, a 1.5 percent increase from the year before.

“That’s even taking into consideration an increase in county taxes of about 6.5 percent, which the town does not have a whole lot of control over. The real success story is the hard work by SAD 36 Superintendent Terry Despres, who budgeted about $60,000 less for 2007 than in 2006,” from $1.52 million to $1,496,238, Schaub said. “Despres also found additional funds for the school budget that would reduce Livermore’s commitment further.

“So, barring any unforeseen changes …, residents should see a reduction of their taxes when the bills go out in September,” said Schaub.

Livermore has ordered a new International plow truck for the Highway Department. The total for the truck is $99,855, which includes the dump body and plow equipment. At a special town meeting on April 20, $105,000 was approved for this purchase. The chassis is expected in July. Upon receipt, it will then be sent to Howard Fairfield for final rigging.

The board discussed having a committee formed regarding an addition to the town office. The Fire Department is in need of office space, as well as an area for file storage. The present town office is cramped and “needs a more user friendly access for the public, as well as space for town employees to conduct daily activities more smoothly,” Schaub said. “The public needs better access to maps and public records.”

It was also discussed whether or not the community building has outlived its usefulness. While it is strong structurally, and has historic value, it needs a handicap ramp and restrooms to comply with the law, Schaub advised. Both the town office and community building would need to be viewed, noting the pros and cons of both buildings in order to make proposals to a building committee.