Maine braces for colder weather


GRAY — Got your mittens and gloves ready? Got your coat and hat?

Weather forecasters say temperatures will dive down into the teens in coming days and the wind chill will only make it feel more frigid.

Temperatures are expected to begin plummeting around sunset on Friday. Whether that’s a dreadful or wonderful thing seems to be a matter of perspective.

“The fact that it happens every year around this time,” said Michael Hanson, of Lewiston, “makes it more miserable the older I get.”

“Never been happier to be in Florida,” said Suze Blood, who recently moved to the Sunshine State from Auburn.

There’s also the possibility of snow in the hills, forecasters say, but on Wednesday, it was the cold temperatures most people were buzzing about.


Some were even looking forward to the chill – for a variety of reasons.

“As a pregnant lady,” said Chelsea J. LaBelle of Lisbon, “I am loving it.”

“Time for flannel sheets,” said C.J. Tolini of Sabattus.

“Looking forward to some chilly weather,” said Carey S. Clark of Arrowsic. “Can’t wait to start skiing again!”

With winter-like temperatures bearing down, others pointed out the obvious: it’s approaching the middle of autumn, they said. Cold weather is to be expected.

“We had a good run with the temps staying above average while we had the big power outage,” said Greg Barker of Richmond, “but it is November, so it’s not a big deal.”

“I never really minded the winter when I was younger,” said John True of Scarborough. “Ice hockey, skiing, and I just loved the snow. Snow tunnels in the plowed bankings. (But) I will be 58 in two weeks and I think I have endured enough winters.”

In Lewiston, low temperatures are expected to bottom out at about 13 degrees, not counting the wind chill. Even the professionals acknowledge that it might be jarring for some.

“It’s a bit of a shock,” the National Weather Service wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday night, “after we just finished the warmest October on record!”

The National Weather’s Service’s wind chill forecast, posted on Facebook Wednesday night.