Not the long form


Following the Honolulu Associated Press report (Sun Journal April 24) stating both that Hawaii doesn’t issue long form birth certificates and their attorney general’s special assistant saying the Bureau of Health does hold such files that by law cannot be provided to anyone, President Barack Obama produces his, claiming it is the long form.

It is not.

The official long form that states issued in 1961 contain two information blocks not appearing on the document Obama produced: race and citizenship. Note the title — Certificate of Live Birth — that the State Department does not accept as proof of citizenship for issuing passports.

It merely shows he was born in Hawaii.

What’s the reason to hide the long form containing those two blocks? Simple. Guidelines for completing the race block on long forms in 1961 prescribed entering the mother’s racial color for children born of interracial marriage. Obama’s was white and undoubtedly fearing that revealing his is white by birth would cost too much of the voting base in the presidential campaign to get elected, as well as for a second term.

How do I know of that 1961 race block? My daughter was born that year of a Caucasian father and naturalized Asian mother. Upon applying for a passport, she was instructed to obtain her official birth certificate. Guess what? There’s a race block and the entry is that of her mother’s Asian race: yellow.

John R. Davis, South Paris