Here’s the long and the short of it: She’s got talent


SOUTH PARIS – Singer/songwriter Kristen Short of Norway has released her third original music CD, “The Loan,” an adult contemporary/country-crossover music collection featuring seven original songs. She will perform at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28, at Oxford Hill Comprehensive High School Auditorium on Route 26. Accompanying her will be Vessel Recordings artist Heather Pierson and percussionist/potter Rusty Wiltjer. Admission is $5 at the door.

Throughout her childhood, Short was an avid writer and published poetry with a strong love of music. Her journey into songwriting began in 1991, when her sister, Marlene Weindorf-Ek, wrote an acoustic guitar arrangement to her poem, “Through It All,” which the sisters sang in two-part harmony. They made a home recording and performed the song live for a large family gathering. The response was an inspiration to Short, and she sensed her poetry had found its home in lyrics

Short later delved into songwriting, live performances and studio production of her original music. She released her debut CD, “Blossom In the Dust,” in January 1998. Listeners have described the CD as a mellow contemporary easy listening CD with heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies.

Short traveled to Nashville in March 1998, and met with several music producers, publishers and up-and-coming artists. While sitting on a park bench in the indoor gardens of the Nashville Opryland Hotel, she penned “The Woman You Need,” a wistful song of longing with emotion-filled vocals on her second CD, “Dove In A Hurricane,” released in 2000, on her own label, Sea Siren Records®.

Described by Short as a songwriter’s CD versus a genre CD, “Dove” contains original songs that shift from country-crossover to adult contemporary to pop/rock.

Besides Short’s originals, “The Loan,” includes three songs by songwriters Jeff Moxcey of Waterville and Lou Sweigman, plus three songs written by Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Jay Hitt.

Short self-produced the CD recorded in Maine, Nashville and Pennsylvania. Alan Bean mixed the CD with Short, and the collection was mastered by Grammy Award-winning master engineer Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering & DVD of Portland.

Short was the featured artist on the cover of Good Times Magazine last month. Good Times wrote: “Fitting snugly in the singer-songwriter genre, Short crafts heartfelt music that’s as lovely and thoughtful as the artist herself … this is an emerging artist with a lot to say. … All in all, the future looks bright for one of Maine’s most promising songwriters.”

Short’s CDs are distributed through CD Baby ( and her Web site,; and are available at stores in Maine.