Looking back


• It is understood that the lot at the corner of Lincoln and Chestnut streets has not been definitely decided upon as the site for the new St. Mary’s Church, and there is a probability that the site at the corner of Oxford and Cedar streets will be accepted instead.

• We know more of Mars than any other celestial body, with the exception of the moon; and the moon is usually regarded as a dead, or practically dead, world. Mars, on the other hand, seems to be a world like our own Earth, with atmosphere, clouds and seasonal changes. It has accordingly been long believed that Mars is more likely to be inhabited by rational beings like ourselves than any other world.

50 years ago, 1957

RUMFORD – Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robichaud, 611 Pine St., report their 6-year-old canary, Pete, has returned home after being missing for two years. According to Mrs. Robichaud, she was giving Pete a bath in the yard at her home when he escaped. After an absence of two years, Pete has just returned, bringing with him a yellow finch companion. When he landed on the kitchen windowsill, Mrs. Robichaud went outside and called to him, and she said he answered as he had always done and flew into her hand. Pete was reported in good condition, except the ends of his feathers were broken as if he had flown many miles.

25 years ago, 1982

AUGUSTA – For the first time in Maine, politicians are relying on computers for a number of mundane campaign chores, and spokesmen for the two U.S. senatorial candidates say the investment in data processing is paying off. “It’s a recent evolution in Maine politics, but it’s been a common occurrence in other states,” said Larry Benoit, campaign director for Democratic U.S. Sen. George Mitchell. Computers aid in direct-mail campaigns, and Benoit said this is the first year in which direct mail will play a prominent role in an election.

KINGFIELD – More than 100 attended the 75th anniversary of Carrabassett Rebekah Lodge, No. 123 of Kingfield on Sunday.