Looking back


• The Auburn Public Library is to be closed for its annual varnishing of the floors which become badly worn during the year. It will be closed on the evening of July 31 at 8 o’clock.

• From 5 to 7:15 o’clock last night electric car service in the two cities and in fact along the line of the L. A. and W. St. Ry., was at a stand still. Many of the lights in the two cities were also put out of business. People on the cars some distance out of the city started to walk after they had waited for about an hour for the power to come on.

50 years ago, 1957

• The public is going to have to get good and mad in a hurry if it truly wants to keep billboards off its future 41,000-mile system of interstate highways. This much is evident as Congress nears adjournment and the Senate Public Works Committee – with the blessing of the outdoor advertising lobby – continues to sit on anti-billboard legislation.

• Someone with an apparently troubled conscience has mailed the Lewiston Drive-In Theater 65 cents, explaining that the money is to pay for the ticket of a youngster who had been admitted to the theater free of charge when his age was misrepresented. The envelope was postmarked Lisbon Falls.

25 years ago, 1982

• Danville residents on Thursday sharply attacked a proposal by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to locate an oily debris processing facility in their neighborhood. The attack came despite assurances by DEP spokesman that the project is only in the conceptual stage and that an engineering study would be undertaken to determine whether the site is appropriate for such a facility.

• In Lewiston a random sample of 400 adults older than 25 years of age was done by the Lewiston-Adult Education Community Agency Council of Lewiston. Volunteers, showed 25 percent of these did not go past the ninth grade, 45 percent did not finish high school and 65 percent would like to read better.