Looking back


100 years ago, 1907

The stores will keep open as usual Sunday, so it is said despite the warning that a detective will be on duty to gather evidence against all violators of the Sabbath laws. E. F. Davis of Norridgewock, who secured evidence and swore out the warrants against the confectioners this week, will continue to work tomorrow, it is said.

It was reported yesterday that the Maine Civic League of which Rev. H. N. Pringle of Waterville is secretary, will cooperate with the Lewiston and Auburn Federation of churches in the enforcement of the Sabbath laws in this city. It is expected that everything will be closed at Lake Grove Sunday as the closing committee will include this territory in their extended field of work.

50 years ago, 1957

BOSTON – Firefighters on land and water tonight battled a five alarm fire fed by huge piles of coal on the Mystic Docks of the Boston & Maine Railroad. Every available piece of apparatus in the city and nearby communities was used in fighting the flames. Navy and Coast Guard boats joined in the fight from the water side of the fire.

• Maine lobster fishermen have been finding lately, as they did last year, that the law of supply and demand has been working too well to suit them. A summertime over-supply of tasty homarus Americanus has pushed the price to levels below which the lobstermen say they are losing money. And they are not having much success in refusing to pull their traps until the price goes up.

25 years ago, 1982

The city of Lewiston is currently involved in approximately 40 lawsuits. Most of those involve comparatively routine matters, like foreclosures on properties in which the city has a tax interest. But others are more serious. In fact, according to this year’s annual report, “The city’s total potential liability in all cases, other than worker’s compensation complaints – assuming all plaintiffs are successful – could exceed $2 million, much of which would be covered by insurance.