Looking back


“There is more valuable iron ore in Maine than in any other state in the Union,” declares Captain George W. Barber, Sr., an experienced mineralogist and prospector. “There is one vast bed of hematite ore extending over an area of ten miles which has been tested to a depth of 140 feet into solid ore. The bog ores of Maine are practically inexhaustible. The largest deposits of ‘molybdenite’ ore recently discovered are located in Maine and many deposits of copper, lead, tin, pyrites of iron, etc. The day was not far off when Maine will be specially noted for its various rare minerals.”

50 years ago, 1957

SKOWHEGAN – TV star Henry Morgan has sold out the Lakewood Summer Theater for the first time in 57 years. The previous attendance record for a one-week offering was held by Margaret Truman Daniel. Morgan is appearing in “Father of the Bride.”

WASHINGTON – President Eisenhower’s civil rights bill was stripped in the Senate today of all its enforcement powers except those covering voting rights. It was a solid victory for Southern senators, who have argued for weeks that the bill as it came from the House would permit the federal government to force racial integration of the schools in their states and impose other social changes.

25 years ago, 1982

As thousands watched, a large parade consisting of entrants from all over New England and Canada made its way through Lewiston streets Sunday, the last day of the Franco-American Festival. This year’s festival drew to a close Sunday night, ending eight days of celebration which included singing, dancing and eating in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park.

Also on Sunday, the Kora Shrine Temple opened its doors to the public. Explanations of the many large murals on the inside of the building were offered and the Kora Band and Chanters performed for the several hundred people who came to see the temple.