Looking back


Since it has been definitely learned that three little boys drowned and that only one of them could swim, there has been much comment made on the fact that what the city needs is a place where young boys can learn to swim.

In speaking of the matter Wednesday, John D. Clifford stated that a swimming pool which could be used by at least 100 children at a time could be installed in some central place in the city at an expense of about $1,000. Mr. Clifford offered to be one of the 10 men in the city to give $100 towards the tank.

50 years ago, 1957

• Replacing the Lincoln Street bridge in Lewiston, a $45,313 project, is expected to get under way within the next week. The new span, an 85-foot single unit structure, will be financed with state, county and municipal funds.

• A “serious” delay of Maine road construction could result from the present strike of cement plants if it continues much longer, Vaughan M. Daggett, chief engineer of the state highway department, said last night. About half of the nation’s cement workers are still out in the 2-month-old strike. The strike has idled an undetermined number of construction workers.

25 years ago, 1982

AUGUSTA – Interested in buying up some ocean-front property at inland prices? It’s probably the ultimate in longterm investments, since any payoff would be thousands of years away. But some land in eastern Maine and New Brunswick that now offers a mere view of the Atlantic Ocean may one day be bordered by it. A warp in the Earth’s crust is causing coastal land from New Jersey to Nova Scotia to slope down and sink by as much as 3 feet a century.

• Last year, Goodwill of Maine Inc. received donated goods that were resold for almost $500,000, The importance of donations is obvious as they make up almost one-third of the organization’s $1.7 million annual budget. Behind the smiling-face symbol of Goodwill Inc. is a history of “support of independent lives for disabled individuals.”