Looking back


• “A good stout rawhide whip in the hands of a policeman would be one of the most effective riot breakers I can readily think of,” said a police inspector. “There is nothing the average crowd of roughs fear more than a raw hide in the hands of an expert unless, indeed, it is a stream of water from a fire hose.”

• Much attention is now paid in Germany to the remarkable measure of success which has attended the installation of Professor Korn’s invention for the transmission by wire of photographic reproduction over long distances. His latest experiments show that nearly as satisfactory results are secured by making use of ordinary telephone wires as on lines specially constructed for that purpose.

50 years ago, 1957

Eleven-year-old Gerald (Bubba) Kilbreth of 365 Main St., Auburn, became a neighborhood hero yesterday morning when he dove 35 feet from Memorial Bridge into the Little Androscoggin River to rescue a struggling 8-year-old neighbor girl who was being swept downstream. Neither blonde-headed Rose Russell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell of 331 Main St., Auburn, or her rescuer suffered any ill effects from the experience, and both were in excellent spirits last night.

25 years ago, 1982

• It’s no coincidence mail-order sales are booming. Toll-free telephone numbers and credit cards have made mail order an easy way to shop. The gas-and-time-saving aspects have also played a role, as has the proliferation of catalogs and the great variety of available merchandise.

• A Lewiston electronics company has unveiled a new model of dish-type antenna capable of receiving as many as 50 different television channels directly from orbiting satellites. Stark Wholesale Electronic Inc. recently demonstrated its trailer-mounted concave receiver to electronics retailers and interested persons. According to Stark manager Ray Saucier, the 50 channels available from six orbiting satellites will be added to in the near future. “We expect up to 100 channels before the year’s out,” he said.