Looking back


Jacob J. and Moses Shapiro of the firm of Shapiro Brothers, proprietors of the big department store at 67 Broad St., New Auburn, were arrested Thursday afternoon by Deputy Enforcement Commissioners Howard and Allen as the result of a raid in which a large quantity of liquor was found in the basement of the store.

The raid caused something of a sensation as the Shaprio Brothers are well-known business men, conducting one of the largest stores in the city.

The defense this morning at the Auburn Municipal Court will be, it is understood, that the liquids did not belong to the respondents. There are a large number of families who reside in the Shapiro Block.

50 years ago, 1957

The Canadian dollar continued to climb in value today, hitting a new 24-year peak. At $1.05 3/64 in terms of U.S. currency, the Canadian dollar was at its highest level since reaching $1.05 in November 1933, just before the United States went off the gold standard. Today’s closing quote was 1/32 of a cent higher than yesterday’s value, which equaled a peak reached June 26.

HOLLYWOOD – Abbott and Costello, one of show business’ most famous and successful teams, has broken up. The breakup, confirmed today by Lou Costello, is one of the most unusual, because there was no fight, no hard feelings – no official announcement.

25 years ago, 1982

• With the continuing interest in genealogy, the study of one’s ancestry, one of Lewiston-Auburn’s oldest continuously functioning churches plans to open its century-old records to the public during Franco-American Festival Week. The Trinity Episcopal Church of Lewiston, located on the corner of Spruce and Bates streets, is officially 100 years old this year.

WASHINGTON – Twenty years ago Saturday, the Telstar satellite linked Europe and North America via television and triggered a communications revolution that would shrivel the entire globe. It’s still up there, long silent, but a whirling monument to the birth of what is now grandly called the Information Age.