Looking Back


Today is circus day. The Adam Forepaugh & Sells Bros.’ show, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” arriving in town early this morning, will give two performances, one this afternoon and one in the evening. The street parade, which promises to be the greatest pageant of its kind ever seen in this city, will start from the grounds, Lee Park, at 10 a.m. The circus trains were delayed in reaching Lewiston on account of one of the trains being wrecked last night.

Three enormous tents are necessary for the accommodation of the 500 horses with the Forepaugh Sells Circus.

50 years ago, 1957

ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nev. – The biggest, most dazzling atomic explosion ever fired in the United States shook the earth and emblazoned the skies today in an awesome show of nuclear might. A brush and tree-covered mountain 5 miles away burst into flames under heat of the mammoth blast.

Marines entrenched 5,700 yards from ground zero came through unscathed and plunged through a vast cloud of dust into attack upon a mythical enemy. Test director Dr. G. M. Johnson said the shot’s power was “well over” the yield of the previous record blast set off in 1955.

25 years ago, 1982

• The longest total eclipse of the moon since 1859 will take place early Tuesday morning, a celestial finale to the Fourth of July weekend. The eclipse, visible anywhere it is night, will occur when the Earth’s orbit takes it between the moon and the sun, whose reflected light causes the moon to “shine.”

• Good news for Farmington and good news for this general sector of Franklin County is the announcement by G.H. Bass and Co. that it will open a leather-stripping plant in Farmington. The possibility of additional jobs in the area will be a boost to the economy. Since Bass, a division of Chesebrough-Pond’s Inc., has been increasing production in recent years, it is more than likely the number of workers required to turn out leather stripping will increase gradually.