Looking back


Twenty-five men were before the municipal court today on the charge of trespassing on the railroad track of the Portland & Rumford Falls Railroad.

The men were arrested this morning near Smithville and the majority of them are Italians from the settlement near that place. They have persisted in walking along the track in spite of the warnings to the contrary and in spite of the fact that a batch of them were arrested and heavily fined for a similar offense several years ago.

Two cases were tried and received fines amounting to $15. The rest all waived trial and received a fine of $5 and costs each, amounting to $14.01. They all paid.

50 Years Ago, 1957

Color is fast becoming the thing to watch in television.

Although there were no changes in the process of color transmission as far as Maine stations were concerned last year, the big networks spent millions of dollars to improve their transmitting facilities. Color programs regularly are carried by two Maine stations, WCSH-TV and WGAN-TV.

The big advance in color television, as far as Maine viewers were concerned, was that with manufacturers shifting into mass production methods on the producing of color TV sets, these sets began to come more and more within financial reach of the average viewers in this area.

25 Years Ago, 1982

School Lunch Menu – Lewiston High School:

Monday – Hamburger or hamwich, French fries, whole kernel corn, cornflake bar.

Tuesday – Steak sandwich with onions, potato rounds, green beans, frosted cake.

Wednesday – American chop suey or macaroni and cheese with bologna stick, garden salad, hot rolls and butter, pineapple.

Thursday – Choice of pizza, mixed vegetables, cinnamon crispie cookie, applesauce.

Friday – Crunchy fish or baked ham, whipped potatoes, peas and carrots, Biker’s batter bread, peaches.