Looking back


100 Years Ago, 1907

Maine will be well represented in the American league next season. Fred Parent of Sanford and “Bill” Carrigan of this city will be with the Boston team again. Ex-manager Collins regards Carrigan as the most promising of Boston’s catching recruits. John Coombs will be a “regular” with Connie Mack’s Athletics. On several occasions last season, he demonstrated his ability to hold his own on the “firing line.” Wallace Clement of Auburn will again play with the Jersey City Club of the Eastern league. “Joe” Bean will manage Jersey City this season. The old-time “fans” will remember Bean as the brilliant short stop of the Augusta New England league team in 1895-96.

50 Years Ago, 1957

• New commercial construction in Lewiston-Auburn, remodeling of existing business establishments and opening of new operations, carried a price tag of well above $1 million in 1956.

• Nearly $2 million worth of new homes were built in the Twin Cities in 1956, about the same amount as went up the prior year. Lewiston’s new construction was valued at $1,306,500, and Auburn reported a figure of 641,800, a total of $1,948,300. Lewiston issued 120 building permits for new homes and Auburn gave out 54 permits.

• With nearly three-fourths of a million dollars in unexpected funds on the books at the end of nine months, Lewiston is expected to complete the 1956-57 fiscal year well “in the black.”

25 Years ago, 1982

Maine Democrats will gather Saturday night at Orono to observe the 100th anniversary of the birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

While it will be a politically-oriented gathering, FDR’s impact on the nation was more than partisan.

He was inaugurated in the midst of the nation’s greatest depression and his famous “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” has oratorical equal only in Winston Churchill’s wartime promise that “We shall never surrender,” and John Kennedy’s inaugural supplication, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”