Looking Back


Blacksmith Wanted – A good driver, one that can help on jobbing; a steady job the year round and good wages to a steady man; young married man preferred. Apply to G. S. Davis, Wells, Me. For references, apply to L. B. Costello, Sun office.

Wanted – Experienced canvassers in both cities, with hustling quantities, on a bonna fide proposition, earning from $20 to $35 per week; one speaking English and French preferred, although not essential. Address L. A. C., P.O. Box 175, City.

50 Years Ago, 1957

Maine women may have to pay a $3 a year poll tax after the 98th Legislature adjourns. Men over 21 pay a poll tax now and the question which will face the present Legislature is: Shall women between the ages of 21 and 60 be required to pay the same tax?

The mad bomber might have spared himself 16 years of festering anger, and New York City 16 years of terror if he had filed his compensation claim earlier. Chairman Angela R. Parisi of the Workmen’s Compensation Board said the bomber waited until 1934 to file a compensation claim for a 1931 industrial injury. The law required that any such claim be filed within two years. It was the rejection of his claim that set the bomber out for revenge.

25 Years Ago, 1982

•The Internal Revenue Service has accepted cosmetic facelift surgery as a medical expense – and in 1981, the Tax Court also handed down a favorable ruling on treating the cost of hair transplant operations as a medical expense. Under these circumstances, your own tax strategy if you had cosmetic surgery last year seems clear.

In a year of meals, surveys reveal the average American consumes about 5 pounds of additives – which range from seemingly harmless table salt to complex, man-made concoctions with lengthy chemical formulas – that are used to preserve, color, flavor, thicken, texturize and sweeten foods, among other uses.