Looking Back


The Kingston, Jamaica disaster is as great as the calamity of San Francisco and Valparaiso. Thousands of persons have been killed, and the dead bodies are being taken from the debris by hundreds. The whole town is in ruins and the greater portion is still smouldering ashes. The smell of burnt flesh prevades the air. The cable line from Kingston is broken and the correspondent had to go to Holland Bay, forty miles to the coast, to file this message.

50 Years Ago, 1957

One of the hotly debated issues at the 98th Legislature will be a move to force the Maine Turnpike Authority to pay the cost of the State Police who patrol the pike. Rep. Benjamin S. Crockett (R-Freeport) said that he will introduce a bill to take the about $168,000 a year that the State spends on the 20 troopers who patrol the turnpike from MTA funds. State Police Chief Robert Marx has asked for 50 more troopers in the coming biennium – 25 in each of the two years. He says the new troopers are needed to meet steady increases in the number of drivers, motor vehicles registered and miles traveled.

25 Years Ago, 1982

And the winner – by a bumpy mile – is… Crowley Road! A couple of weeks ago, on the spur of the moment, The Sun declared a contest to see what our readers think is the worst road in Lewiston. We got a lot of nominees, but none were as numerous (or as emphatic) as those favoring that one-mile-plus strip which parallels the turnpike between Lisbon Road and Sabattus. “You can call it a contest, but it’s no contest,” said one reader who gave Crowley Road his first, second, and third votes. But while “Jilted Commuter” (as that letter was signed) thinks that Crowley Road is the worst in the state, another reader, “Sagging Shocks,” declared it to be the worst “in the U.S.A.”