Looking Back


It is said that the farmers who own land along the banks of Stony Brook in South Paris are much exercised over the plans of the Maine Power Co., which by virtue of the recent purchases, now controls the water privilege formerly occupied by the Mason Manufacturing Co. This company plans to raise the dam for the purpose of increasing the power. This will cause the flooding of acres of meadow land belonging to four or five different farms, thus taking this source of hay supply, which cost the farmers nothing for raising, away from them.

50 Years Ago, 1957

An attractive 17-year-old Lewiston High School cheerleader and part-time model was named as Maine’s 1957 Apple Queen. Auburn-haired Annette Louise Baril, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baril of 64 Foch St., received her crown from Maine Agricultural Commisioner E. L. Newdick on the stage at Lewiston Memorial Armory as the highlight of activities at the 16th annual Agricultural Trades Show.

Secretary of State Dulles has assured congressmen that President Eisenhower will “lean over backward” to keep from using American armed forces in the Middle East.

25 Years Ago, 1982

Winter has returned to Maine. After a two-year furlough which frustrated skiers and haunted snowmobilers, winter has returned to the Pine Tree State with all its icy trappings. For two winters, virtually the only sign of the season was what it said on the calendar, and the ice on rivers and lakes. This year, it’s different. We really have a Maine winter. Ski areas are in full swing, the angry snarl of snowmobiles reverberates through the air, the dull clank of snowplows says the roads will be clear in the morning, and salt whitens cars and eats away at the frame.