Looking Back


The storm was one of the first touches of the old-fashioned winter storms experienced this year. Starting in early in the morning, by night the snow was piled up in drifts in places making the traveling very disagreeable. The electric cars were not able to make the schedule time and were bothered all day. By six o’clock in the evening the wind was blowing a gale and the snow was coming down in flakes, which cut the faces of those compelled to be out. However, the snow was needed as the sleighing was beginning to be poor especially in the city limits and the fall of snow was just what was wanted to make it good again.

50 Years Ago, 1957

Parking law violators were a dime a dozen in Lewiston last year. According to a year-end report compiled by police, there were 14,428 parking violations charged in the 12-month period. Guilty findings were reached in 14,357 cases. At 50-cents per violation, this would enrich the city treasury by more than $7,000.

Sen. Olin D. Johnson (D-S.C.) announced in Washington, D.C. that the Post Office Department has revised its regulation to permit newspapers to put their names on receptacles used for the delivery of newspapers.

25 Years Ago, 1982

A major Lewiston-Auburn employer has announced a layoff of employees, the second one to take effect this week. The General Electric (GE) Auburn plant will lay off 57 workers this week, due to a “lack of work situation,” announced plant manager Robert Anderson. “The extremely depressed housing market, caused by high interest rates, has caused a significant drop in orders within the distribution equipment division which manufactures industrial and residential electrical distribution products.”

Both Lewiston and Auburn school departments have used three of their “snow” days for 1981-82. But while Lewiston has three days remaining, Auburn has only one.