Looking Back


The annual Cribbage Tournament between the Owls Club and the Rag Pickers was held at the Owls club rooms. The Rag Pickers were out-classed and did not qualify for the finals. Conway and Gabagan of the Owls defeated McCarthy and Sullivan 4 to 3, and Carrigan and Kelly defeated Mynahan and O’Leary four out of seven games. The Rag Pickers have now challenged the Owls to a roller skating tournament and as the challenge has been accepted something interesting will soon drop.

50 Years Ago, 1957

LOCAL IGA GROCERS: Lewiston: Gauthier’s IGA Mkt., 314 Lisbon St.; Langelier’s IGA Mkt., 25 Maple St.; Northwood Park Foodliner, 770 Main St.; Poirier’s IGA Super Mkt., 38 Walnut St.; Vaillancourt’s Mkt., 149 Oxford St. Auburn: Black’s IGA Mkt., Black’s Corner; Madore’s IGA Mkt., 70 Broad St.; Campbell’s IGA Mkt., 85 Denison St.; Perry’s IGA Mkt., 222 Summer St.; Towle and Scott IGA Mkt., 369 Court St. Hall’s IGA Mkt. and Martin’s Foodliner, East Auburn; Taglienti’s Mkt., Livermore Falls; Fisher’s IGA Mkt., Mexico; Herbie’s IGA Mkt., Norway; Walker’s IGA Mkt., Norway Lake; Goss IGA Mkt., Poland; Conrad & Knight, South Paris; Ellis IGA Mkt., Canton; Holmes IGA Mkt., Dixfield.

25 Years Ago, 1982

The U.S. mail is scheduled to join the electronic revolution. The U.S. Postal Service will pull the wrapping of E-COM: electronic computer-originated mail. The E-COM system, three years in the making, is designed to relieve high-volume-users of the need to print, stuff, stamp, and seal their messages. Customers begin by typing correspondence on their in-house computer screens, in a standardized format. Then, using either their own equipment or the services of a private telecommunications firm, the mailers whiz their messages over phone lines to a SPO, one of 25 Serving Post Offices.