Looking Back


On tomorrow afternoon and evening, the Shepard High Class Moving Pictures will pay their last visit this season to Lewiston, when they will display one of the best and most complete lines of moving pictures ever attempted. These subjects will consist of many comedy, pathetic, and dramatic features. Also some of the most sensational pictures will be shown. As a special feature, and one which should draw a capacity house at each performance, will be the display of pictures of that beautiful city of San Francisco, before and after the awful disaster, which recently visited there. These pictures give one a good idea of the beauty of the city before the calamity, and the complete loss the inhabitants suffered after this calamity.

50 Years Ago, 1956

-General Motors Corp., the world’s largest car maker, spent more than 62½ million dollars in newspapers last year to retain by a big margin its role as the leading national newspaper advertiser in the United States. GM boosted its newspaper advertising budget to a record $62,587,251 in 1955, an increase of 67.4 per cent over 1954.

MOUNT WASHINGTON – A big twin-rotor Army helicopter is due here tomorrow to airlift five tons of building materials for an emergency shelter a mile high on the slope of this rugged mountain. To be built by the National Forest Service the hut will accommodate about 20 people. It will be located above tree line about three miles north of the 6,288-foot summit.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Cumberland Farms Northern Inc. defied the Maine Milk Commission’s latest pricing order Friday by slashing milk prices to $1.82 a gallon.

The Canton, Mass., firm, which owns and operates 25 dairy convenience stores in Maine, began selling milk in gallon containers at 26 cents below the $2.08 retail minimum set forth in the rollback order issued Wednesday by the commission.