Looking Back


The Atherton Furniture Company, Lewiston, held its annual opening yesterday afternoon and evening and a record breaking attendance improved the opportunity to inspect the splendid and extensive line of goods carried by this large and up-to-date furniture store. All of the clerks were busily engaged from the beginning until the close of the grand opening. Music was furnished by Pettingill’s orchestra.

The Atherton Furniture Store is filled from the top to the basement with a new and especially attractive line of goods, and yesterday’s opening will be recorded as one of the most successful in the history of the store in this city.

50 Years Ago, 1956

• Mickey Mantle today became the first man in baseball history to blast two home runs in a single game over the faraway centerfield fence in Griffith Stadium. His tremendous slugging led the New York Yankees to a 10-4 opening day victory over the Washington Senators.

• After slightly more than a year of preparation and study by a civic committee appointed by the Auburn City Council, the Shoe City’s new building code went in effect March 10 to replace the antiquated code which served the city for 25 years. The new code, which is the National Building Code almost in its entirety, gives city officials regulations which can now be enforced.

25 Years Ago, 1981

“Look, Ma. No cavities!” The venerable advertising pitch has come true for millions of American kids. Fluoridated water, better toothpaste and good care are making the painful whine of the dentist’s drill a worry of the past.

But the news, while good for some patients, could be uncertain times and a changing role for the 448,000 men and women who make a living repairing tooth decay.

Study after study in recent years has documented a remarkable improvement in the health of American teeth.