Looking back


Hospital Square was the scene of a spectacular runaway Wednesday afternoon

when the four-horse team of the Gulf Refining Company cut various

manoeuvers on the slippery roadway. Four big bays were drawing the heavy

tank wagon, which was on wheels, when one of the rear span slipped and

fell, its feet getting tangled in the whiffletree. Frightened, the leaders

started to cut circles and part of the time were pulling or pushing the


cart. Their struggles parted the harness. J.O. Ouellette, local manager for

the company, was driving. He was unharmed and both the horses and wagon

were uninjured.

50 years ago, 1963

Six new-born babies opened their eyes on the world in the Twin Cities

yesterday, but five of them were a little late to gain the honor of being

the New Year’s baby. Although they will be able to claim the distinction of

a Jan. 1 birthday party in future years, they missed out by a matter of

hours on being valued $600 tax deductions for the old year of 1962. The

first baby yesterday was a boy born to Mrs. Blaine Akerley of Mechanic

Falls. Two other babies were born at Central Maine General Hospital on

Jan.1, and three babies were born yesterday at St. Mary’s General Hospital.

25 years ago, 1988

Friends say Alfred A. Plourde conducted himself as a gentleman throughout

his four-year tenure as mayor of Lewiston. Plourde’s demeanor, in fact,

extended beyond City Council chambers. There was the day, for instance,

when Plourde rushed from his Pine Street real estate office to comfort an

elderly woman who had just emerged from her smashed car. Last April, when

flooding devastated the community, Plourde spent much of his time visiting

victims. An editorial in the Lewiston Journal said the out-going mayors of

both Lewiston and Auburn served with distinction. Neither Auburn Mayor John

Cleveland nor Plourde “ruled their respective city council sessions with an

iron hand. They both found plenty of opportunity to inject levity into

meetings, and they both encouraged wide-ranging discussions on pertinent