Looking Back


100 years ago, 1913
When you hear such a phrase as “It Chases Dirt,” or “The Gold Dust Twins,” or “His Master’s Voice,” it reminds you of something, doesn’t it? Well, the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce wants a phrase which whenever it is spoken will remind the hearer of Lewiston at once. In other words, it wants a “slogan” for the city. In order to get one and at the same time create an interest in the Chamber of Commerce and its work for the development of the city, they have started a contest and offer a prize of a $20 gold coin to the man, woman or child who shall, before March 10, send to the secretary the “slogan” that in the opinion of the Chamber best serves the purpose of advertising the city.

50 years ago, 1963
The Lewiston Finance Board voted last night to initiate a new plan of replacing street-light bulbs. The plan, which will run on a trial basis for two months, will allow the department to install burned out street lamps after the regular working hours. The installer will be paid 50 cents per light and will do his work at night, except in the case of a great number of lamps being burned out at the same time due to a storm or other unpredictable factor.

25 years ago, 1988
Nothing will really be out of the ordinary for District Court Judge L. Damon Scales today. He will put in his typical nine- or 10-hour work day, pretty similar to what he’s done during the previous 2,800 or so days in his 11-year judicial career. But when Scales, 68, pounds his gavel at Lewiston District Court late this afternoon and embarks on a one-mile walk to his home in Auburn, it will be ice fishing, not next week’s civil cases, on his mind. Scales, the oldest active District Court judge in Maine, officially retires from active duty today.