Looking Back on April 12, 2010


100 years ago, 1910

A long and varied assortment of cases were tried in the Lewiston Municipal Court Monday, and court did not adjourn for the day until 5 o’clock. Several were arraigned for intoxication, among them Pearl Cole. There was an assault case, two were respondents in liquor cases, and in the afternoon, H. H. Linn was the respondent in a case charging adultery. He was bound over.

50 years ago, 1960

With purchase negotiations deadlocked, Lewiston’s Finance Board last night asked the city council to take by eminent domain procedure a little more than seven acres of William Hendricks Jr. land on East Avenue that is included in the new junior high school site location.

The Finance Board also asked the aldermen to purchase for $26,300 three connecting parcels of land owned by Superior Court Judge Thomas E. Delahanty, Robert J. Pugsley and Albert B. Fortin.

25 years ago, 1985

The next school bus Auburn buys will have seat belts installed in an “experiment” the School Committee approved Wednesday night.

The committee voted 6-2 to have lap-type seat belts on the next bus bought, despite some board members’ fears that the belts would be largely unused and could be used as “weapons” by rowdy youngsters.

Committee member Bonnie Hayes advocated equipping the bus with belts as a safety measure, since belts and safety seats are required for children riding in private automobiles.