Looking Back on April 14, 2010


100 years ago, 1910

Joseph Saks of Lewiston was the complainant in an assault case heard in the Auburn municipal court yesterday morning. He charged Lewis Baker with having pulled his whiskers. Lewis denied the allegation and said that when he met the complainant on the south bridge the other morning he said: “Good morning Mr. Saks.” Whereupon Mr. Saks commanded him to kiss him. This Baker declined to do. Probable cause was found and Baker’s personal recognizance was accepted in the sum of $50 pending good behavior.

50 years ago, 1960

Motorcycles and motorbikes do not require the semi-annual inspection sticker, it was pointed out yesterday by Louis Bourisk of Schott Motorcycle Co. Motorcycles were exempted from the inspection sticker law by the 1957 Legislature. Bourisk said that an item earlier this week, stating motorbikes have to carry the stickers, was incorrect.

25 years ago, 1985

Eddie Desrosiers reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring full of keys. He twisted one off, walked up before the Lewiston City Council and threw it on the table. “It’s your building now,” he said, following a council vote to take his property by eminent domain.

In a long and sometimes confusing meeting Friday night, the City Council voted to take Eddie’s Wheel and Deal, at 300 Lisbon St., for a public walkway to connect Lower Lisbon Street with the police station on Park Street.