Looking Back on August 13


100 years ago, 1915
The first complete requisition system ever in vogue in a Lewiston city department is working in the poor department and was installed Tuesday. Every purchase and every grant of money that is made in this department will go thru the hands of Mayor Brann. This action was taken after much deliberation and examination of the accounts of the poor department. The mayor said Wednesday that his taking the reins in this department did not necessarily imply that he thought those in charge of the department to be incompetent or particularly extravagant but he wished the department under closer control and desired to be in better touch with conditions himself.

50 years ago, 1965
An abandoned quarry in Minot, the scene of several auto dumpings in recent years, has been sold to a Tennessee and West Paris mineral company. A quit claim deed from The 11 Meter Monitors of Mechanic Falls to the Bell Mineral Co. of Gleason, Tenn., and West Paris, was filed with Androscoggin County Register of Deeds Lucien A. Drapeau today. The deed involves the transfer of the property, including the mine, on the northerly side of the Jackson Hill Road, a dirt road running between Perkins Ridge and Center Minot. A condition of the deed is that the mineral company construct and maintain a protective fence around the roadway portion of the property surrounding the mine. Documentary stamps indicate the purchase price of the property was less than $500.

25 years ago, 1990
Franklin County’s first area fire museum held an open house Saturday during the Jay Historical Society’s annual events. Several years ago the Jay firefighters obtained their old 1936 fire truck and restored it to its original condition. Because of interest in the antique truck, firefighters decided to build a fire museum for the vehicle and display fire artifacts. During the past five years the group has sponsored money-raising activities to build a structure adjacent to the Jay Historical Society’s complex on Jay Hill. Saturday the goal was realized when they opened their museum.

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