Looking Back on December 22


100 years ago, 1914
The Manufacturers’ National Bank of Lewiston was opened to the public, Wednesday, with a reception by the bank officials. An unadvertised feature was the transfer of the currency securities and other valuables from the old bank to the vaults in the new structure. This was accomplished about ten o’clock, last night, and was carried on so unostentatiously that few citizens were aware of what was going on. With tens of thousands of dollars to guard, not to mention the highly valuable securities, the bank officials took every precaution. Chief McCarron and other police officers in plain clothes escorted Cashier Parker and other bank employees while they transferred the valuables to the new building. Three trips were made. No notice was taken of the men on the first trip but by the time the last was under way, the citizens along Lisbon street began to get curious.

50 years ago, 1964
The retail price of gasoline took another drop in the Lewiston-Auburn area over the weekend, hitting a new low of 24.9 cents a gallon for a special grade of motor fuel. That price was posted on Center Street, Auburn, and on Main Street, Lewiston, for the special grade, while regular grade gasoline was selling for 25.9 and 26.9 cents a gallon at most stations.

25 years ago, 1989
St. Dominic Regional High School has been given a gift of $25,000 to be used in upgrading the school’s biology laboratory. Roland Tardif, a Lewiston native and a former student at St. Peter’s School on Blake Street, donated the money in memory of his wife, Claire, whom he married Dec. 31, 1955. She died Aug. 5, 1978. Mrs. Tardif did not grow up in the Lewiston area, but Mr. Tardif, who is 89, was born on Pierce Street and has lived at 198 Russell St. since 1912. Total estimated cost to modernize the laboratory is $91,000 This gift will act as seed money to fund the beginning of the project.

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