Looking Back on December 23


100 years ago, 1914
One of the new eight cylinder Cadillac cars has been received by Wade & Dunton at their garage, Park street, Lewiston. It was driven thru from Portland on Sunday by Mr. Holmes, head of the automobile department of the firm’s business. Since the car arrived here the garage has been visited by scores of local automobilists who desired to inspect the new machine. All have been very enthusiastic over it.

50 years ago, 1964
A recording made by the Senior Choir of St. Patrick’s Church, of the program presented at the New York World’s Fair during the Labor Day weekend, was released this week. The choir of 50 mixed voices, men and women, has made numerous appearances, in addition to presenting the weekly high mass at St. Patrick’s Church. They have been on radio and television broadcasts and made tours and concert appearances. This is the third record made by the group and includes both secular and sacred music on a long-play 33 1/3 rpm album.

25 years ago, 1989
When 7-year-old Christina Gardner wrote in her journal that she wanted to ride to school in a limousine some day, she never dreamed it would come true — but it did. At 8:30 Friday morning, a white stretch limo cruised up to Fairview School on Minot Avenue, Auburn, entering the circle drive and coming to a halt out front just after the first bell heralded the beginning of the day. A very proper chauffeur in a navy blue uniform and visored cap got out, and ceremoniously opened the door for Christina and her 8-year-old brother, Georgie. Christina’s father, George Gardner, made all the arrangements after he and his wife visited their daughter’s teacher, Patti DeFilipp, for a routine school conference. “That’s when she showed us the journal. My husband said he’d rather get her that for Christmas than some of the other things.” “She’s just been ear-to-ear smiles and giggling,” Mrs. Gardner said. “My husband figured you’re only little once.”

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