Looking Back on December 24


100 years ago, 1914
Sheriff-Elect Davis has named his deputies and that is final. He has also named George Skillings of Lewiston as cook and this may not be final. Will the county commissioners confirm the appointment of Skillings in place of Emile Martin, the present cook, a democrat, but retained by Sheriff Stevens? Regardless of party lines Martin is looked upon as a good cook and a good fellow. And besides confirming the appointment the commissioners fix the salary of the cook. Someone has suggested the absurdity of the sheriff’s appointing the cook when the commissioners have the buying of all provisions and the management of the man who prepares them.

50 years ago, 1964
Following a 25-year tradition, members of the Jewish community here again volunteered at the Auburn Police Department on Christmas eve. Rabbi Norman Geller of the Beth Abraham Synagogue said the tradition, which began as an effort to allow officers and other city employees of the Christian faith to spend the evening with their families, is still carried out by a small group of Jewish families. Seven helpers from the synagogue rode with Auburn patrolmen and helped in the station Sunday evening. “Sometimes you wonder if you will get out alive,” Geller said. “On the other hand, most the routine patrol checks which occur can be boring. We help to provide the police with company for this very lonely time of year,” he added. Geller himself was among the volunteers, along with his wife, Roz, their daughter Rachel and her husband, Joel Kaplan.

25 years ago, 1989
The holiday spirit seems quite apparent Lisbon Falls as residents are fighting an uphill battle to re-activate the Worumbo mill. According to John D. Harris, head of the Lisbon Industrial Development Corp., the spirit of giving is beyond belief. On Wednesday afternoon, the town had reached nearly one third of the $100,000 it must raise before the new year. Former employees of J. P. Stevens Co. have gone all out in an attempt to re-activate the mill since Worumbo closed its doors some weeks ago.

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