Looking Back on December 3


100 years ago, 1914
Bates has at last taken up the idea of flooding the field back of the gymnasium for the purpose of constructing a hockey rink. Supt. Andrews put the matter before the men of the college at a meeting held at the Commons Wednesday. In a very short time $60 was subscribed towards the maintenance of the rink. It is expected that $100 will be subscribed before Thursday evening. Girls of the college are doing their part towards the raising the funds. The rink will be properly boarded and will be first-class in every particular. In the spring time the rink can be utilized as a swimming pool.

50 years ago, 1964
A 12-year-old Lewiston boy looked out his Lisbon Road window this morning to check the snow fall and, in addition to the white blanket, discovered what he feels were two flying saucers hovering in the air about a mile from his home. The youngster said he watched for a short time, and one of the orange blinking saucers rose rapidly into the overcast sky and disappeared. The other remained motionless and he ran to wake his brother. However, by the time he arrived at the window, he found he couldn’t be a very good witness because the second of the saucers apparently had blinked its pre-Christmas message and rose to run with its mate.

25 years ago, 1989
A promenading 300-pound llama was the starring attraction Monday at Poland Community School. Bridled and on a rope leash, the soft, wooly seven-year old beast was introduced to pupils in each of the school’s classrooms by its owner and trainer, Hilary Ware of Norway. The llama’s visit was arranged by Karen Downing, third grade teacher, whose class, along with those of two other third grade teachers, Sue Naum and Debby Hammond, spent the day studying South America as a feature of the school’s International Week.

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