Looking Back on December 30


100 years ago, 1914
Washing and ironing is a serious problem at the Healy Asylum, Lewiston. No laundry is connected with the institution and there are no facilities for doing this sort of work. Therefore year in and year out, the good Sisters of Charity have been carrying the clothes to the laundry at St. Mary’s hospital. Because of the great amount of work to be done for the hospital and the girls’ orphanage it is possible to give the use of the laundry to the Healy Asylum only once a month. It means that the washing for 196 boys, all the Sisters, and other employes of the Healy Asylum must accumulate for four weeks before there is any opportunity for laundering. When you are sighing because you can’t secure a satisfactory “washer-women” for a family of three or four, just think of the ten or a dozen Sisters of Charity who have this tremendous task at washing once every four weeks.

50 years ago, 1964
One Auburn skating rink was reopened today as cold weather returned to the Twin City area following a period of unseasonably warm temperatures. Harry E. Reynolds, superintendent of the Auburn Parks and Recreation Department, said the skating rink at Walton Junior High School is again open for general skating. Other APRD rinks will be reopened as soon as they are ready, Reynolds said. The rinks were closed last week when warm weather softened the ice making skating almost impossible.

25 years ago, 1989
A week of uncertainty about the fate of the Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp. ended Friday when Auburn Ward 5 City Councilor Norman C. McKeone endorsed the group’s plan to rebuild the city’s trash-to-energy plant. McKeone’s vote was the final blow to Auburn Mayor Richard L. Trafton’s unsuccessful bid to block the $38.5 million renovation project. Eleven of MMWAC’s directors voted unanimously to hire a Washington, D.C., contractor for the $38.5 million project in the early morning meeting Friday.

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be edited.